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Why Porcelain Tile?

There are an abundance of reasons

The timeless, enduring aesthetic of porcelain is undoubtedly appealing, however there are a variety of practical reasons to install tile in your home. Comparatively, porcelain is unchallenged in its durability. Vinyl, or LVT, easily scratches and scuffs. Hardwood is attractive, but stains and dents easily, requiring frequent maintenance. In addition, both LVT and hardwood fade and degrade over the years, whereas porcelain is resistant to stains, scratches and fading color. Not only is porcelain a breeze to clean, but it’s made from natural ingredients.

Porcelain tile has a 60+ year life expectancy, so you definitely get your money’s worth. It’s perfect for walls, floors and indoor/outdoor installations. Rated for high-traffic areas, you won’t have to worry about your porcelain floor degrading over time. With one of the longest lifespans and smallest life cycle costs, porcelain tile is the perfect option for residential or commercial installation. Design with high quality and innovative porcelain tile!

Incredibly Resistant!

Our porcelain tile is made from locally sourced materials, which contributes to the fact that porcelain tile has the lowest carbon footprint of any flooring option.


  • Fire resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • Impervious to water
  • Stain resistant
  • Scratch resistant


 When selecting flooring there are a lot of considerations to take into account, here are a few of the most common ones:

  • How much foot traffic will the room/area see?
  • Will dirt/debris/mud be tracked in from the outside?
  • Will the humidity levels be stable, or will there be fluctuation throughout the day?
  • Will the room/area be exposed to water, such as a kitchen or bathroom?

Porcelain tile has the unique ability to handle anything that family and life throw at it. Porcelain tile is the most durable flooring option on the market and will never warp, peal, expand or shrink. Have confidence in your step!

Health Benefits

Another superior quality about porcelain tile is its health benefits. Made from locally sourced natural materials, porcelain tile does not include any toxic chemicals, VOCs, formaldehyde or PVC, that are commonly found in other flooring options. It’s also the best flooring option for allergy sufferers and because of its impervious nature to water – mold or mildew will not be able to grow in your sub flooring. Porcelain cannot be penetrated by harmful allergens such bacteria, fungi, mites or dust to settle or grow in it or on it, So – For individuals who suffer from allergies, or one’s own concern with their long-term health, porcelain is the perfect option.

Comparison Time!

As you can see, when compared to other flooring types porcelain tile easily beats out the competition.

Tile Installation Options

Matte Porcelain Tile
Polished Porcelain Tile