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Cleaning Instructions

It’s your dream floor… how do you keep it clean?

Installing porcelain tile can be a very rewarding project, increasing the resale value of your home!

Preliminary Cleaning & Care Instructions

Following the installation of your new tile, it is important to cleanse the tiles with warm water and soap. This will remove any remaining grout elements. In cases where grout has become affixed to the face of your tile, a stronger cleanser may be required to help eliminate any remaining particles of grout sealant that may have collected. Take precautions to use the recommended mixture of water and chemical product. This information will typically be found on the label of the cleanser that you have chosen.

Period Before Cleaning Your Newly Installed Tile

  • If a quick-setting cement sealant was utlized, the recommended cleaning time is 2-3 days following the completion of the installation.
  • If a traditional sealant was utlized, the recommended delay prior to cleaning is approximately 7-8 days.

Note: If stains, smudges or smears appear following the inital cleaning and care routine, then grout sealant residues may still be present on the face of the tile. Cleansing with acetone, HCI or KOH may be required to return the tile to its originl state. Always follow recommended manufacturer isntructions for safety and proper usage.

REgular Cleaning & Care Instructions

To perform routine cleaning, simply follow these steps:

  • Thoroughly sweep the area and wash with water, removing any superficial dirt.
  • Apply a mixture of warm water and your preferred cleaning solution to a small portion of the tiled area. (Working in small sections will allow you to cleanse, rinse and permit each portion of the tiled floor to dry entirely.)
  • It is recommended that a soft nylon scrub brush is utlized, except for black bristled brushes, as they can leave a carbon residue upon the tile. Other typical hand cleaning tools will also suffice in teh cleaning of the tile.
  • Rinse and allow the floor to dry entirely.



  • Take precations to check and follow the instructions of the cleanser you have selected.
  • Using steel wool or other equally abrasive tools to clean the tile is strongly discouraged, as it can cause scratches and damage to the face of the tile.
  • If certain stains are notably difficult to remove due to the type of matter involved or the amount of time the matter was allowed to remain on the tile, follow step 3 again. If the stain is still resistent, completing the full process again is recommended.